A bloghaver, not a blogkeeper.

It’s often said that there are more beehavers than beekeepers. I’m not sure which of those labels best applied to me in 2010. Of the three hives that I started from nucs in the spring, two are thriving in my backyard, and the one I set up across town is no more. None of them had much help from me, though Lili and Marjorie certainly had more attention (only because I can watch them from my kitchen window).

Poor Latifah. Latifah died of neglect. It was brought to my attention that her hive was being overrun by ants. By the time I got over there, there wasn’t much to save. I don’t know if the ants invaded and overwhelmed the colony, or if they were just scavenging an already dying hive. I do think that if I had been paying attention I could have done more before it was too late.

I plan on being a more active beekeeper in 2011, and a more active blogkeeper as well. I spent a lot of time watching the landing boards in 2010, but very little time actually inside the hives. So while I don’t want to disrupt the girls too much, I need to make myself a schedule and stick to it. Is a full hive inspection twice a month too much? Too little? I’ll find out. You should see more posts too. One post per hive-visit as a minimum. A blog still seems like a good way to keep track of my observations.

About Jay

Bee keeper, home brewer, carpenter, hitch hiker. Also sambista, and ukulele enthusiast.
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